And Stand Against Illogical Fear

Yes, I support health care reform.

There are too many citizens that are going without. Too many that because of the way the system works (or ratherdoesn't work), that are unable to get the needed care. They must choose between Dr. and groceries. Or Medicine and housing, or utilities.

Only the foolish say we 'can't" do this. Only the fearmongerers create these grand conspiracies surrounding it.

Yesterday, my husband, had to send home a young employee. The young man was in a car accident a day or two earlier, and had not gone for treatment. He came to my husband in pain, chest pain and bruising, asking what should he do. He doesn't hve insurance yet.

My husband had no choice...the man needed medical attention. So he had to send him home until a Dr. releases him for work.

But then my husband said the young man started to tear up. He has a wife and baby at home. The car is totaled, and since it was a one car accident, sliding off the road into  a tree, his insurance for the car (all he could afford) wouldn't pay for that, or the injuries. So...What was he supposed to do now?

This distressed my husband a great deal. We have been in the same situation. The medical expenses almost crushed us.  I know other families it has crushed. Families who have lost everything.

This is insane.

The ones breeding all the fear and shouting the loudest have little or no clue what they are babbling about, and they won't listen. Reason, logic, history, economics; nothing gets through to them.

Which proves a point...narrow, closed minds will believe anything if you tell them enough times.

Do I think these people don't care. No....some of them don't, but most of them mask their hearts and say they are just 'concerned for the future', Or some other claptrap.

Some are bigots. Some think being angry, disagreable, nasty, low class people defines them as true patriots.

And some are just afraid. When they look too close, or sympathize, they see themselves...and they are terrified.

I actually pity those people. They are angry, and they are afraid.

And as loud and strident as they become, as many insults and lies and conspiratorial propaganda as they spew forth...I will still support the President's Heathcare Reform initiative.

 Because Real Americans know we need it, we need it now, and if we are the great nation we say we are, then we will  achieve it.

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

They are so quick to trash Obama's solution, but I have yet to hear anyone offer a legitimate solution that sounds any more feasible. We have a crisis in this country. People are literally dying in the emergency rooms!<br />
<br />
They are whining about constitutional rights and I would like to ask them a few questions. They claim that if the government forces people to have medical insurance that it will infringe on their constitutional rights. If I'm not mistaken, our government mandates many things. Does that mean that when the government forces me to carry auto insurance, homeowners insurance, etc.. that they are trampling on my constitutional rights??<br />
<br />
Then I should be able to cancel my insurance payments ASAP. Cool.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing a great post. Kudos.

Me, too! It is what we need! HUGS, livingwell