Your Guardian Angel

I will always support you if you need me. I will either come to you or you will come to me, no matter the approach you will be helped in some way with cheer, rapture, or advice, whatever you need that I can provide you will be helped and assisted with your dilemma, there is no such thing as no support, you can provide any kind of accommodation to the occasion even meriting encouragement in some way is enough to boost morale.

I will walk by your side throughout all dungeons and help you surpass your trials and tribulations as best as I can.

I will stare the beast in the face with you and help you stab and pulverize it to death.

I will help you surpass your fears and doubts with advice and words of bolster to abolish them all with the power of guidance and assistance with self-esteem.

There is no greater power than a helping hand that is always there whether you take it or not, it is your choice to receive or accept help, always was, and will be a choice. But if you truly need it don't be afraid to take a hand that's available, for sometimes that hand will bail you out of a real rut and give you another detour towards salvation. It's better to swallow your pride than drown in it, that's the truth.
Lushiro Lushiro 18-21, M 4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

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You are so wonderful, darling Lushiro. I am here for you if you ever need me. Of course, you know that. We are akin. Love you, too. xoxo

Feelings all mutual. :)

And words too? *beams* Yesssssssssssssssssss......xoxox


It is so desirable to GETCHA! kissesssssssssssssss..........*giggles*

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I think I may need Lushiro before the night is up. We all could use a bit of help ever now and then. Even the strong can feel weak at times. hugs+smiles***

Very true, and lol! :)

Honey, I'm not at all laughing. I may be quite serious. :)

It's best to be both solemn and humorous...makes any situation all the more better, though others including yourself will feel differently. :) But if you do...need help or advice just shoot a PM...EP is for support yes?

I couldn't agree more. Thank you baby.

So welcome :)

I was just asking mine for help. Oh the irony. :) thanks for this. In some nonegotistical way, I feel like it's a reply.

Haha! I love coincidences :)

I don't believe in coincidences.... Too simple of an explanation. :)

I think sometimes we run into such things like "this" for the benefit of chance. :) Coincidental...? Maybe...or not, depends on how you wanna look at it. ^_^