Really? Yeah, Sure.

"I'm going to survive the zombie apocalypse!" I hear this statement boldly and loudly proclaimed by everyone from fifteen year old adolescents to fourty year old "Walking Dead" fans. Most of them can barely handle a spider in the bathtub or a sprained wrist without professional help, and their plans consist of "I'm going to my gun crazy uncle's place, grabing a shotgun and a chainsaw, going out, and kicking zombie ***!" They have no idea how to get food, medicine, or transport during the breakdown of society that a zombie outbreak would cause, all they care about it looking badass and being a hero. In a real disaster, the least prepared and most overconfident are the first to die. This fact would be multiplied exponentially with flesh eating corpses added to the mix.

If a zombie outbreak ever did really happen by some insane work of nature or science, these people would be the first to either be consumed by the zombies or flee for their lives, probably after wetting their pants from terror.

Want to survive the zombie apocalypse? Treat it like any other disaster, complete with the threat of looters, except this time the looters are looking for warm flesh instead of valuables. Barracade your home, store up food and water, and have more escape routes than you think you will ever need. Know where to get food after the supermarkets have been looted or swarmed with zombies. Know where to get medicine after the pharmacies have been emptied. Know what kind of transport you will use if the roads are blocked or covered in zombies. Know where you will go if you have to find a place to start over.

Don't count on nothing but firepower and testosterone to get you through alive. It won't.
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I'm 15 and I'm a HUGE walking dead fan and I agree 100% with wat ur saying. But I don't count on just guns. I'd use a bow or cross bow or some kind of melie weapon. I'd proberly carry a hand gun with me but that about it for guns. Me and a few of my friends have it all worked out and we all have a skill for example: Aaron is one of the strongest people in our grade so he'd out brawn.
Then alex has had medic training and he parents are medics.
Then there's josh he is acrobatic fast runner smart and could get up on a roof in two second.
And then there's me I grew up on a farm so I'm wat may people would call a redneck or country person. I can jog 5 km non stop , I'm fast, I'm small so I can get in and out of small spaces and I'm can farm and I can clim just about anything. So tell me wats my chance of surviving?

<p>Your right, weapons aren't everything, but they would be key in a ZA. You need them to protect you against the undead and against bad people who want your ****. I agree with you, all the badasses who have never been hunting, fishing, camping or hiking for days at a time would have a hard time. My opinion, if you have never killed your own food (most people) your gonna be ******. If you can live off the land and survive, using anyting and everything as tools / supplies and be able to improvise under any situation, then you have a much better chance. People on "Preppers" are idiots, especially the ones who think they will be able to "bug out" somewhere safe. That's crap. You, your family and thousands of others will hit the highways, there will be chaos and possibly police control and lack of control. The last thing you want to do is get on the roads. Do you really want to get stuck on the highway, with the undead, hundreds of panicing people, running out of gas and supplies?? If you have the supplies to stick it out at your residence and can fortifiy your residence to be safe for weeks or a month or two, your better off staying put. A real ZA would turn into REAL survival, especially something the magnitude of the portrayal of Walking Dead. Remember, everything stops. Communications, power, delivery of fuel, food, medicine. We are forced to return to our roots as hunter / gatherers. All the while, protecting yourself from a new predator. It wouldn't be all fun and games, its no Dead Island where you get extra lives. </P>

Thanks!! Yeah, I'm with you. As I said, its real survival, weapons aren't eveything.

oooohhh i like your way of thinking and i agree :) although, you never want to baricade ourself in one place for a long period of time. it never ends well.

THANK YOU! Nobody understands that! I swear its like everyone thinks of the short term Left4Dead solution which is run around like maniacs shooting everything when honestly that'd be the stupidest possible thing to do. Though honestly if a zombie Apocalypse ever came I'd be a lot less prepared then most because I don't think I have the upper body strength to bash a head in with a good melee weapon and as far as weapons training goes all I know how to use properly is a bow. The most I know about guns is what you see on video games so I'd probably be fumbling around getting to know the weapon for too long. It's bad to be unprepared like I am but at the very least I'm AWARE about the situation lol :)

Well u don't have to do all the killin ur self I'm sure u will be in done kind of group or somethin and they'd Handel it

As much as you are correct, weapons of any type would help you against the undead and looters/bandits looking for supplies. However, getting supplies and getting as far away from civilization might be one of the better options.

Yea but those weapons r loud and attract unwanted attention

No one said zombies would go to the sound. Most animals when they hear a gunshot flee

Yea but not just zombies

People/ bandits

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