Flagged? What Flagging?

Being one not to shun away from controversy, I speak and write about matters that I have a passion for and care about.

Political, economics, social, religious, environmental... you name it, I have my own views and voice them.

So I had to look at matters that concerns the rest of humanity. We do not want a gun pointed to our heads so that we have to bend to the norms and fancies of others. So what did I do? I wrote about it and made it my feature story.

The trolls and the cowards we all know about. People who do not have the guts to argue their point or state their case will always flag you come what may.

I have very close friend who had written a story on her rape ordeal. Believe it or not even that story that had 4000+ views was flagged.

If we are going to be looking around the corner each time we need to express our views which is in line with the many right minded people, then we got to go with our heart.

If you want to flag then go ahead. It will not be me who will be the loser. The social media is available to all to highlight the negativity of sites.

I always take screen prints or copies of all my stories by the way and file them.

I will survive no matter what the geezers say...
HardingP119 HardingP119
36-40, M
Aug 20, 2014