My Daughters Taxi

I have a 14 yr old daughter who is on a high school volleyball team.  She also plays softball and travel volleyball.  Do not get me wrong.. I am glad she is involved in sports and school activities.  God knows if I had been I would not have done half the bad stuff I did.. I was an active drinker, drug user and having sex on a regular basis.  I had too much idle time, and my mom, god love her was single for the first time since having my oldest sister when she was 16. My daughter has very little, if any time I cannot account for where she is. Not to mention she is good and tired from the sports, and keeping good grades.  Ok, so anyway, My child needs rides here, there, everywhere.  Picked up from school, god forbid she rode the bus, and has to be back at  the school at 5pm for practice, Didn't practice start right after school at one time?It  is SUPPOSED to be over at 7:15.  It never is.  So there I sit waiting, at the mercy of what I call capri-pant moms. Those are the moms who seem to always have it together, look great and are so sweet I want to poke them in the eye with a fork. I am not sure, I dont even think they have jobs, if they do, they are teachers.   I work full time 12 hour shifts for the county jail and my husband is a detective, so we have busy lives already.  But its amazing how when she calls, oh for whatever, mom I need something to eat before the game.. and its 3pm I just got up from working night shift, and I am up and away.  She has managed to get her g-ma to drive her to school everyday, like I said, the bus...?? Not a chance.  Me and my husband swear we spend more time waiting to pick her up than we spend with each other.  Or its can I go to the game, TONIGHT?  Ride needed both ways,  and I hate driving at night.  Of course, we do it.  And most times there is another teenager involved.  How do you say no to  14 yr old girl who needs a ride home when they are standing in front of you at 10pm friday night at the high school ?  I like to drink beer.  And her damn social life cuts into it.  I really dont want to set a drink and drive example, not to mention she is at the age where it concerns her.  It is a good thing that she is against it, but I like beer.  I have drank one on the way, ditched the can and ate a mint before.  I feel like a teenager myself then.  Well, I want her to have as normal and happy high school experience as she can.  If that is possible.  So I will continue to be at her beck and call.  I refuse to dump it on parents I dont know.  I will be glad when she gets her license.  Oh yea, I forgot to mention, I have an 11 year old son who has just started wrestling....  Does anyone else feel my pain?

mymomsdaughter mymomsdaughter
36-40, F
Oct 18, 2007