Photos Anyway I Can Find Them

I spend several hours a week looking at cards in Wal mart, Target and Hallmark stores because I adore the photos, words and art. I secretly want to be a card designer using photography.

This year for Mother's Day, my daughter proved that she is mine in a very special way. She confessed that she could not find a card that showed her affection for me so she bought about 39 of them and arranged them on a great 4 X 5 foot cardboard. She wrote her own words beside each picture, and added ribbons and flowers to decorate the board.  It is so pretty, that I plan to frame it and hang it on the familyroom wall.

My FAVORITE pictures on this board are:

Several nuns in their black and white habits runnning after a soccer ball. They look hilariously happy. 

Then there is a little 4-5 year-old boy wearing a yamaka.  In his right hand is a huge yellow floppy petal mum.  His eyes are closed and he has a sweet smile, as if thinking about the one who gave him the flower.  His left hand is over his heart, as if to say, "ah, I am so happy".

Someone took a great picture of light streaming through a flower and it shows the inner structure.

Finally, I really like the one showing pollen flying in the air and clinging to the legs of several bees as they are in flight, or walking on a flower.

Photography is simply wonderful and I would be happy for you, if you could manage to become a photographer!

Maybe, I can add your stuff to my collection. LOL.



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1 Response Aug 8, 2007

I saw a picture of chalk drawings on a sidewalk. It looked exactly like a big hole that someone could fall into. Along with this was a photo of another artist's work. It was a picture of a door and blocks and others things such as a bicycle. All of it looked like three dimentional stuff but it was only chalk drawings. <br />
Why are these people drawing on sidewalks? They should be national treasures producing great stuff for us to buy and take into our homes. I could certainly use a picture of an escape route hung on my wall !!<br />
<br />
Ha ha, <br />
<br />