My Childern Are All I Have Left.

I am an 18year old redhead young lady and my life right now is feeling pretty hopeless. I've been feeling so lost and confused for so long. I just want to have confidence and know who I am. I do have a 19month old son who is a precious joy. He is the reason I am still here. I am also 10weeks pregnant wich is tearing my body apart. I recently just got out of a relationship with there father...we were engaged. We had a huge fight he even got physical(he was drunk) and has never even touched me roughly out of our 4years. he is already with his ex girlfriend who is pregnant by another man...she talks down about our son and is cheating on him. I am shocked at all this because I for once thought it was real. we lived together had jobs and lived a very happy life....I have cut off all contact with him because he has not been there for our son. he hasn't seen our boy in a month. has bought him anything,or watched him, he hasn't asked about him, he spends his money on drugs,liquir and his *****. he missed his daughters sona gram! and when I was in the hospital he was no where to be found.I just NEED some one to talk to. to calm me and just show me I will get out of this depression...
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Jan 17, 2013