I just realized how ridiculous this experience is. Because surely people who need a "talk" or "advice" will probably never come here. The people who are actually depressed and mentally different, no not retarded, but see and experience the world a different way would not come to the "I will talk to anyone who wants to talk..." experience. They'll obviously go to another experience to seek comfort or healing.

TL;DR, This experience is practically useless.

Example? Look through the stories on this experience, what do you mostly see? Of course people saying they'll help others, but do you see any that says "I need help, talk to me."? No.

Of course there are those who actually do seek help on this experience, but what I'm trying to get at here is that, if you genuinely want to help, there are other methods to help others than this.
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Well, I do sort of need advice, but I have yet found someone I can trust and that feels like the right person for the job.

Let me add also, as someone with some mental health training that I agree with you. This is the wrong place to be therapized if you are having real issues. Each time I come to the site there's a fresh set of people bleeding all over the place with their suicidal ideation and suffering. I'm strongly considering leaving the site, I grow weary of trying to save people, and I cringe when the amateur counselors chime in with their 'great advice'. Sorry for the vent.

I would recommend 1-800-273-talk national suicide hotline, or warmline.org for support in less dire conditions.