I have a Crush on this boy that I do to school with and I can't help but to think about him. I've talked but not that much. All I know is that he have 2 bothers and like football. I want to get to know him better but every time I talk to him everybody be like: "BREE YOU LIKE HIM" then he walks away.

Deep down I know he like me.
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Wait for him to give you his number and try to make him open up to you emotionally

No because we don't talk like that

You do school with him? Send me some pics of it sweetie


Ya if u truly like him then go ahead. If u know he likes u to. You have a better shot. But what for him. I think it's better for da boy to ask. I mean I enjoy asking a girl. But I get rejected a lot. But u may have a chance.

Maybe add him on some social media where you can talk to him without interruption :)