The Truth

I think most of us are afraid of the truth, weather to say it or be told it. unfortunately most of us do not want to be told how the world sees us but rather want to hear what we think how the world views us.

How then do we learn what we do wrong or right when we are told the truth and we refuse it?
gotsy gotsy
2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

i know its hard to admit to something that you werent doing right but i think it takes a great person to do that. the hardest thing i've learnt is that its hard to do a self introspection. to look at any situation from both sides and admit if you were wrong. even if you were right to not beat your chest about it but instead be humble and feel for the other person. i think this world needs more people with good hearts. i've learnt a few lessons here like you.

i may not be able to handle the truth but once someone tells me what they think i'll make some adjustments.