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This is an actual problem i have and been told it is the reason why i don't make friends to well. i didn't even know i was so blunt but my husband pointed it out because i was a little upset about the fact i don't have many friends where we live now. he says we should move to NY because i am that forth coming. :(... He didn't say this in a mean way but he told me i should learn to be two faced.

I am really trying to stop and try to watch what i say but still learning. its so weird because all my friends back home love that about me. i tell them how it is! i truly not meaning to be mean to anyone. thats just who i am but sadly most people where i live take it the wrong way.

how should i change and why should i really ?


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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

Hey, sounds like me! I found that I had to change in the work setting. It was making my life at work too miserable. I actually had enemies and no friends at one point. So now in my job I keep my mouth shut, which can be stressful and frustrating, but not as bad as having people hate me. <br />
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Some guidelines I try to use are making sure I am really helping, that I am staying neutral and not doing things just for personal benefit, and accepting that most people don't want my advice even if it's the truth.<br />
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Sounds good when I write it, but doesn't always go that way. Because the truth is the truth, right?!?! So I try to cover things with humor. I do have a few friends, but no close friends. And people may tell us we have to change...I'm waiting for someone to tell me how...