I recently had a very minor heart attack

I'm 51

I've never known "what I want to be when I grow up"

I am divorced without children and very single

I DJ online every week

I have a retired racing greyhound and a rescue cat

I love comicbooks and graphic novels!

I'm an open source champion and I use Linux for every day computing

I love my Nokia Lumia Windowsphone which is strange given my passion for Linux

I beat depression.
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51-55, M
3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Glory to open source!. I use Linux occasionally. Mostly Puppy, Mint and some other Linux based utilities like ZeroShell. Which one do you use and for what ?

I use mostly Fedora and CentOS - I'm on a respin of Centos for the desktop called Stella. Very cool and inherently stable :)

Oh ok, will check out Stella.

Congrats , how did you do it , I'm battling depression right now , I am lost in my life and the sad part is I have it all

I'm scared of losing my job , which will lose it all , I am really suffering right now

work on your self-esteem. Realise that sometimes you'll just have a 5hitty day and it was only a 5hitty day and the world isn't ending. That there's bad times and good times in every life - good times come along and your attitude to life is what can make the biggest difference. Learn to love yourself!

What worked for me was learning to love myself - stop believing the lies about how horrid I was as a child. I also got a rescue, ex-racing greyhound who forced me to care for him and showed me lots of love in return. That was a very important step for me too.

Congrats on surviving your heart attack. And beating depression. That's a biggie.

Thanks. I don't know I deserve much credit for the heart attack survival. I think the medical professionals get the credit on that one.