1. My name is Shelby
2. I like to dye my hair- am doing it again tomorrow.
3. I had back surgery- and now have 10 pounds of titanium 18 screws and 2 rods
4. I am 15 years old
5. I have a puppy named Bourjos
6. I am on yearbook and golf.
7. I love to write
8. I listen to too much music,
8. I saw Frankie valli last night
9. I love a good chat.
10. I have very big confident issues.
Extra: my favorite emojis 🍤🍆🍍🙊💕🐘🌻💭🌿☕️🍃📰🌚🚬😍🔫🌙
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Frankie Valli is class!

So good in concert!