1. I'm from Texas. 2. I love baseball. 3. I battle depression on a daily basis. 4. I probably have a mental illness. 5. I've travelled to many places. 6. I love family guy. 7. I think I might be possessed. 8. I want to die tonight. 9. I miss my ex gf. 10. I'm not social at all
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Trust me aren't possessed cause ik what that feels like u can't control ur body at all all u can do is think and try to overcome it

It's tried to take me over

How do u know? Have u had the moment where u feel ur stiff and tired?


And it tried to kill me

Okay so u actually might be but I don't think u have full connection with it cause do u see it?

I can

See it and hear it

And practically feel it

Can u make physical contact?

Like touch it?

Yeah if u can touch it

If u can physically touch it get a priest ASAP cause that thing will murder u when he wants

This has been going for a month now and I've tried to speak to it and make peace. But i have no idea what kind of demon this is

What does it look like? And it might not be a demon u could have a connection with ur past self but don't know it

It's in a figure of a bird

I actually think it's telling me my future

This might sound crazy but u might have been a bird and it's trying to let u know that which I honestly never heard of so that's kinda weird

Or is there a demon that takes the shapes of your darkest secret

Because there is an answer to the coincidences and déjà vu moments I've had all of my life, and they are all connected by this figure somehow

They can but they will most likely take the shape of ur worst fear so try to connect with it right now and focus on what it looks like and what it has said to u right now

Worst fear being showing my darkest secret aka this bird

Yep that might be happening and what's ur darkest secret?

I can't tell u. But this bird's in it

Private message me I won't tell anyone ok?


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Why do you think your possessed? Just wondering cause I used to think the same thing.

I can hear voices in my head. I can talk to it