1. I was born on April Fools Day
2. I live in Canada
3.My favorite animal is the owl
4. I have a sweet tooth
5.I'm socially awkward
6.I love Disney
7.I'm good at keeping secrets
8.I like to read Creepypasta
9.I wish I owned a Tardis
10.I like to listen to Welcome to Nightvale
CheesecakeLuver CheesecakeLuver
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I'm the same as you on #5, 7, 8.
Are you really born on April Fools? That's pretty unique :)

Yep sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them :b

I could imagine haha.

6. Have you watched Saving Mr. Banks then? I really enjoyed that movie :) Tom Hanks made an excellent Walt Disney

No but I want to :b