With all my open book stories, surely they tell at least 10 things about me. So, is there anything more to say... Well, of course there is....I'm a talker....EDIT... that was 11 things ;-)

I. I love to Mother Nature
2. I never met a stranger
3. I have several pairs of rose-color glasses ;-)
4. I am living my dream
5. I love Climber1
6. I am pretty much totally a free spirit
7. I believe in the power of the mind
8. I don't get close/personal with too many folks
9. I am a strong female
10. I have a temper

... That's all folks *smile*
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
56-60, F
2 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Wonderful, simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing...and! as I read through the comments I now know who climber1 is.

You are very special and a wonderful partner to have on an epic adventure in nature:))

Well my dear, WE are partners. I was looking at all the pictures I took Saturday, some of you are in there too. WE make perfect partners!!!... No matter where WE roam! *smile*

Hoping the game camera comes through as well; would like to see a family portrait :)) xxxxo

I am about to write in my blog about this wonderful peaceful weekend. I need a cup of coffee first. XXXXO

It sure was. You are the very best my beautiful one XO

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