1.i am impulsive
2. I know my rights
3. I leave people wordless in debates 3:)
4.i speak 5 languages: russian, romanian, italian, french, english
5. I am in a friendship which lasts 10 years (i am 16, i am really proud of it ^^)
6.i am jealous
7.it takes much time to fall in love with a person
8.i want to be skinny D':
9.i am creative
10. I am good in maths
paolacociu paolacociu
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Why do you leave them wordless? Are they stupid? :P

Also, which language is your favourite?

No, it's not because they are stupid :D it's because they don't choose the right arguments ;)

My favourite language is my native one: romanian

That's what I said, they are stupid. :P Perhaps so.

Ah I see. Makes sense. :P

This doesn't mean they arr stupid ;)

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What's your first language?

Romanian, but russian is very spoken here, so i know it from childhood

I want to learn russian soooo bad omg

Where are you from?