A Guideline To Bad Messages

Bad Messages Will Typically Be Ones That Include:

-“hi how are you what are you doing right now” (Asking this way implies very insincere interest in my genuine answer to these questions.)

-Mentioning your current level of horniness and/or inquiring about my current level of horniness

-Penis stats

-Addressing me as if I am your submissive or your dominant

-Directives of any kind

-Backhanded compliments (e.g., “You look good for an old lady,” “You look good for a fat chick,” “You would be so much prettier if you smiled,” “I like your pictures, but the things you write make you seem like a b*tch”)

-Assumption that I will automatically have sex with anyone who meets one criterion that I mention as a partner preference in my profile (e.g., “Hi, I live in your area, let’s ****” “Hi, I’m 22 years old, let’s ****” “Hi, I’m in a band, let’s ****,” “Hi, I also like sex, let’s ****”)

-Attempts at non-consensual cybersex

-Any mention of marriage, soulmates, or one true love

-Any mention of webcam or Skype, OR asking me for "photos besides the ones on your profile"  (Any photos I am ok with you seeing will be on my profile, already visible to you. Therefore, I am NOT ok with sending you additional photos that are not on my profile. This should be common sense.)

-Informing me that I’m not real

-Telling me that my partner preferences are wrong

-Telling me that my personal boundaries are wrong

-Asking me a series of questions on the topic of what type of sex I like

-Creating a new account to contact me after I have blocked your original account (extra bonus points for doing this multiple times)


-Deplorable spelling and grammar (I won’t judge you if your English is imperfect because it is not your native language, but I will if it is your native language, and it needs to be good enough to carry on a conversation if it isn’t)

-Assumption that I will travel internationally or pay you to travel internationally for the fabulous privilege of sex with you

(copypasta from another site, but ALL of these are so true!)

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27 Responses May 14, 2012

You said this so well! It felt good just reading it. Thanks!

So, if you were to add me, what would it be ok to mention?

This is awesome. I wish I could feature it on my profile.

Haha, this was great.

I don't see any problem with anything you mentioned. You look great and I'd love to be able to see more of you!

Yea for you! I could not of said it better!

Absolutely beautifully put! This statement should be issued to everyone using the internet.

lol what the **** ur really a hard nut to crack but i like ur straight forwardness .good

I don't think any of this is unreasonable.

obvious troll is obvious :P

You are so funny. Thanks for a smile :)

Respect, and you will get it back.. regardless what your into, one thing we all want is to be respected for the person we are.. <br />
Thank you for this.. <br />
Some will get and some will not..

hi how are you what are you doing right now? I am so horny I could almost stay awake. If only I had a magnifying glass to find my penis I would take it out and whip your little finger with it until you bowed before me ar at least realized it was out. You look realy great for a blow up doll I am imagining in a dream as you cannot be real or you would ot be reading this crap. Or is reading crap a sexual turn on for you? Handing you that magnifying glass so you can find that micropenis and then... Well you will think of something exciting. And if you do it really well, I will introduce you to my one true love - Bourbon on the Rocks. We can have a glass while setting up the webcam so you can explain to the world what type of sex you like before flying off to Borneo for a romantic weekend with you, me, and the magnifying glass.<br />
I tride to use pour gamma butt she laf at my micropenis.

Yes almost believable! funny!

Seems reasonable to me.

**** contacting you witch woman please please block me now so im not tempted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a good laugh out of this list and then thought. Crap!<br />
<br />
I'm sorry people have done this to you!

Honey, something i learned from two middle-aged friends with dyslexia (*** Jay Leno has and the late Gracie Allen had): i realized i must not judge a person on their spelling, grammar, etc. That's one of the multitude of reasons i created the group with my story, I Never Forget That There But for the Grace of God Go I. Imagine yourself being judged and isolated for an unchosen handicap or lack of education and you'll realize what others are forced to endure by judgmental "better than thou" people.

Pardon my typo ("***" should've been "as").

I'm also dyslexic. If I can manage to crank out entire stories without horrid spelling and mistakes, anyone can.

Please look at the writings of two friends, lunnas--a noted published author of several books and a dyslexic, and KountryMist, and please tell me if their spelling and grammar is horridly unacceptable or acceptable to you.

Hahahahaha Awesome ;)

Nice List, and a helpful public service too

LMAO! Love this

Oh, i wish i could just copy and paste this to my profile and give you credit for saying exactly how i feel about this. I am on here to make online friends, learn from each other, inspire, or even cry together. There's e harmony for dating sites. I'm not looking to "hook up" that happens naturally or at least i hope. I know nothing about love or relationships (when it comes to myself) <br />
<br />
Again, great post and thank you for saying what I wished I could so eloquently. Peace and Light

<i>Excellent</i> post - and so true.

Oh so true.

hai mistress would u liyke to look at my 12cm penis on the skypes? D:

haha sooo true !!!

I dunno... I think I'd quite like most of those offers. lol

I don't even put a photo up and I get the loser emails. And isn't the idea of cybersex a little weird, to you? It is to me. lol

block these people who send you bad messages that's all

hey babe, wanna have some fun with me?