You Just Know

And I have always been annoyed and promised I'd be the first one to actually put it into words, and now that I know it is time to. I hope I can do it justice, it's hard.
Let me start by saying that you feel an odd sense of familiarity like you have known them your whole life. You will feel like it is deja vu and you have done this before, lived these moments before. You will feel an overwhelming feeling of "this is it" and you feel like all the pieces just fell into place like you have solved some great puzzle or mystery, a lightbulb goes on, it strikes you like lightning like a revelation. You have a feeling of a drop in your stomach like a big rollercoaster. This is unexplainable and there is no logical reason for it. You light up on the inside with excited interest and you can see it in his eyes also. You will find you have unbelievable things in common. For us it was a sort of fetish for the idea of urbaqn exploration, underground tunnels and secret passageways or rooms in books we read. try finding THAT in common. Also a band few had heard of, Christian death, we loved, and the artist we loved, brom, it seems we had so much in common!
Then there are the coincidences like the universe is trying to set you up. It was scary. His apartment number was the same as my birthdate. His apartment had the exact same art as my room at my mom's house. We would find ourselves saying the same thing at the same time. We find out that we are both the only other people we have ever found with our same dreams. Yes, we are weird people so it was not common to find these things. We just had a lot in common. But it is not just that but I feel like a minute is nothing with him, a year is nothing, time flies and I wonder where it went, now we have been married a year and it seems like yesterday. I can easily spend a lifetime with him.
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I didn't know that she was the One... and now I been alone 12 years. :P :)

It seems that some people tend to just settle for what looks or feels good, but what you have described is a complete meta-physical, personality connection. It's wonderful that you have that with someone, and this was a great read. I hope to find someone I can share this with some day.

This is a great story. You have explained it so well, what is so often difficult to express. You're right, I got that feeling of 'sureness' with my current love. With every other relationship, there were always little doubts, negative thoughts, or questions. With him, I know, with a calm confidence that I have never had in my life, that he is my one and only. I'm so happy for you and your dear hubby, and I wish you both many more years of happiness.

You're not weird my dear.

Oh wow that is truly an amazing strory, and yes you explained it to a tee. I have been with a guy for about 2 months now and i had that feeling right after meeting him that this is the man i am going to marry, i have never believed in marraige before or even wanted to and i am 32 and it struck me wit him. So i know exactly what you are taking about, now i dont know if he is my true soulmate but he defintiely is my ideal man in every way possible. Thank you for sharing!

This is a great post. I would like to add that you know he is the one if after being lonely for a long time you find that lonely feeling disappears when you're with him. And when he calls to you, you can't stop yourself from running to him. Then whenever you're in trouble, he always seems to be there to help you out.