According To Plan

After my graduation I have planned to spend one year, spending time with my family and friends, back in my hometown. It turned out that part didn't go so well, my family moved to another town where i used to live and i ended up in living at home all by my lonesome.

So I tried to spend more time with my grandparents, cousins and my niece. But during the winter I started to feel more lonely and depressed. So I turned to alcohol and marijuana for a year. Until my family started to notice but that never changed until Summer. 
  I kept myself busy though, by drawing and painting. Coming up with designs, and my friends started visiting.

My life goal is to take a year off from education to spend time with my family and friends, before my lifetime career goal on becoming a Doctor. I know I wanted this, to live in a city working as an ER doctor. 
JeanRuss JeanRuss
18-21, F
Nov 23, 2012