Sometimes I See Things Different

Crimes committed by the elite make any serial killer look like a timid little toddler. The crack kid that steals a car is so insignificant in comparison to the crimes the elite commit, that it should not even be a crime to steal a car. But still the elite just walk away from the crime without the public batting an eyelid. But they’ll be pissed off with the kid that stole the car and demand he must be punished. Jail him, the little scumbag. Can you believe it? That’s how crazy the world is. Not only that, the kid on drugs that stole the car is getting his drugs because of the elite. Now, if the kid had any brains he’d get involved with terrorist organizations in Iran and drug cartels in Mexico. That’s where the money is, not that ****** tv he stole, that’s worth diddly squat. Also he would never have to worry about consequences or going to jail, because he’d be too rich. In the case I’m talking about now which just happend, he should have been a director at HSBC. The US branch of the bank was just found guilty of laundering money for el-Qaeda connected organizations in Iran, and laundering money for drug cartels in Mexico. They not only fund the terrorists that Americans so hate, keeping the organization running, but also the keep the drug lords happy. Now if you understand the drug world, you will know how many people have been killed, how many families and lives have been ruined, then you begin to understand how huge a crime is being committed by those that help the drug lords. That’s not even to mention an incident like 9/11. If you’re laundering money for them, you’re supporting them. They are guilty of contravening the US anti-terrorism act. And guess what happens to this group that did these things? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And here’s the clincher. The US government fined the corporation 1.9 million US dollars, and immediately on the financial television news networks HSBC directors broadcast the following message, “There is no need for shareholders to worry, nobody will get hurt by this fine. The bank is rich enough to absorb the loss with no damages”. How’s that for you? They actually publicly admit nobody is going to be punished, and that the organization doesn’t care about the fine. So what actually happened is, a crime was committed, and instead of anyone being punished the US government decided they’ll just take a cut of the dirty money and let it be. But the coke kid that stole a tele! He’s a danger to society and needs to do some time. Tis a ****** up world, yes it is

Here's a member of the elite giving what they would consider a 'slap on the wrist ' to UK banksters for the **** they've made. And Prince Philip warned them 'not to do it again! Naughty naughty boys you've been!" he said. You can google it

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Dec 14, 2012