Stuff About Me

I love to cook and I love to learn about new recipes

I am bi

I have been with the same person for 4 years almost

I love so many different kinds of music

I don't tolerate racism at all or bad friends

I hate the bitter colds

I have no piercings

I love video games

I prbly watch too much tv

I have an online diary

I always love to learn about new stuff

some of my hobbies include video games, writing, tv, going online, hanging with friends and music

I believe in respect

I struggle with depression

the 80's is my fav era with the 90s being in 2nd

I like to be organized

I think it's important to be physically fit

If I could help everyone lose weight, feel better about themselves in good ways and find good friends I would (including myself somewhat)

musicstardust67 musicstardust67
22-25, F
Aug 24, 2011