Lol This May Take A While.

to me, the hair or race doesnt matter, ive had crushes on Indian guys, black guys, white guys, Latino guys. i dont care about hair color, ive had crushes on red heads, black, blond, brown headed guys.

i always find myself drawn to taller, older guys. i lost my virginity to this guy almost ten years older than me.

i like a good relaxed guy, not one that tells you how beautiful soo much you are to the point you think you are probably an upgrade from anything theyve been with, dont use old lame lines like "no one can hold a candle to you" i hate that one... or youd look sexy like this actress, or with that hair doe off some lame tv show.(trust me it happens and you dont say stuff like that on the first date), i dont want to go to hang out at your dads apartment and not eat and count that as a date. especially not to find you drunk!!

to me, what i see first is how they treat me, how they speak to me, how they LOOK at me, then how they carry themselves in general. i have no no's, i dont like some things that some would call me OCD but its a no no if the guy does it. it grosses me out. lol ex: i had a date at this ice cream place and we finished our ice cream, he left his bowl to the side and i dont know how long we sat talking but after so long all that was left in the bowl was room temp. melted ice cream and he scooped it up and ate it. sorry, but no... i dont drink a can of pop even after its sat out too long.

bleh, ok im looking at the negatives.

here we go:

respect, their eyes, their interests, and i looooooooooove big lips. i love tall guys, i love the teddy bear kind of guys, they cant be a twig, it would leave me insecure more so than i already am, i love meat on a guy, i find it sexy when he strokes my hands and arms, just being genital and sweet. i like moving slowly to the point of sex if you know what i mean. he had to attract me mentally, and know how to genitally arouse me.
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just being genital and sweet? oops. freudian slip?