Sunday April 3, 2011 At Around 7:00 Am Example Of Cooperation

This Sunday April 3, 2011 at around 07:00 AM for Me ... I had something that Behaved in Cooperation for Me ...

Usually when I have to get my Omega-3 Fish Oil Soft Gel Capsule out of the Jar, they kind of Stick together with other Soft Gel Capsules, so trying to tip the Jar over my hand nothing comes out of the Jar. So this time as I always do. I give the Jar a whack or hit of my other hand to bang the Jar, Jolt the Jar hard, in order for the Soft Gel Capsules will unstick from each other and then secondarily I could tilt the Jar and get one.

Well, to my Surprise, I gave my first hit, bang, jolt on the Jar and all at this same maneuver ... A Soft Gel Pops out right into my palm of my hand. It did my second Job in with my first Job at trying to get it.

Since other things aren't going as good, this so far is what I mean by getting  ... Cooperation and I said I will share these things that do Cooperate with me.

So will I get any more?
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Apr 3, 2011