These Are The Reasons..

these are the reasons i fell out of love, as still you feel the need to ask..
remember the trip to Spain? where we drove down and you absolutely refused to stop at services for me to go to the loo... for seven hours.. finding my discomfort, then my pain.. funny?
The bank account, that all my.. good.. wages were paid into and i was allocated shopping money and had to ask for and explain any other money i spent. To the point where i had to write..nappies.. on the statement?
The time we saved money to rip out and replace the kitchen and you spent it on a boat
That show where you spent a hundred pound on Lowry pictures, which i hated, and bought me one lime green and orange t shirt to say "SORRY"..
 The lowry pictures, that i hated.. all 11 of them, that were replaced in the same place in our lounge whenever we decorated.. with none of mine allowed up
When you went to America for a week and i had our then 1 yr old alone. you returned with.... a multi coloured velvet top hat..
 the lack, complete and utter lack of touch or tickles or cuddles
 the way sex was over in 3 minutes and however hard i tried to be tactful and kind, you insisted.. quote.. coming in 2 minutes is a compliment...and quote.. sex is all about coming..
the way i felt like a prostitute because the only bits you d ever touch were the "Interesting ones" and you had awful names for those parts too
The utter devastating total loneliness i felt whilst sitting on the beach, the downs, anywhere alone, even when you were there, alone
How many feelings have i forgotten, how many ways you squashed me.. how everyone..but my sister.. who saw through you.. thought you were great and i was stroppy.The day you followed me, rather than let me just head off for a walk.. because you thought it was fun to bug my dad was disappointed in me because.. unhappiness is not a good reason to leave, and ill never  heal that properly with my dad..
Friends or so called.. that i lost because you played your role so well.. and so on and so on... and you dare, you dare to ask me why i fell out of love with you.. i ask myself how i ever fell in it
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1 Response Jun 22, 2010

ah its all in the past now.. look at it as a good lesson learnt, thanks tho xx