1. Don't judge my sexuality

2. Don't be rude to me

3. Jealous isn't the answer

4. Treat me with respect. I will return it.

5. Don't judge me before you know

6. I'm sensitive too...I can hurt easliy.

7. I can get pissed too..don't push..

Like the title said "I will Treat You the Way I Would Like to Be Treated."

I don't like people thinking that they real know don't really know me at all...I have a dark side too..just read my vamp will see...


mother1983 mother1983
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5 Responses Sep 23, 2008


You said it before I could! Hey,circle/girl spanking lovers...are you LISTENING??


I like that Mother. You broke it down more than I did and that's good.

hmmm...interesting...nice way of putting it Mother...