When Is It Enough

I've done it all... backstage mom, PTA President, Classroom mom, chauffeur, party planner, audition runs, rehearsal runs, and yet I feel like I should do more. I love them dearly... I'm the one up until 2am making goodie bags for all the holidays or driving around to family members picking up milk jugs so that the ENTIRE class gets an easter basket. I am on every committee for every dance, booster club etc and soliciting donations for every event. We go to parks and every family event the community offers and here I still feel like it isn't enough. Even when we were ready to move I only looked at places in the same school district... it's just what I do. I don't let them go to sleep w/o a hug and kiss, even if over the phone and regardless of how mad we are at one another I never let them leave w/o an I love you!  Just wish I could give them more.. a house instead of an apartment, bigger car, more money for things...  frustrated!!
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1 Response Aug 4, 2007

i think you are doing a great job. I bet they do too. Hugs and kisses are the most important. don't sweat all that other ****. that's just show for other moms. not really for the kids at all (IMO). just do what your kids like and blow off the other crap. momhood is not a contest. (if so - i lose!!! :)