I've Been There...

Faith can move mountains, so have faith in yourself. You can rebuild a heaven from the hell, if you can learn to see beyond the shadow of hurt. Are you as you were sent to be? has the 'curse' of life, the serpents venom, has it got you trapped in the bubble? You know you are special, can you see?(past the end of your nose) You need me, and I need you. We are all pre-cursor inside, individual, our own prototype. The one who was before the curse is dying to break free from the mental chains and be thyself. The irony is.. well that you can't see. To be thyself you need to know thyself. What was your original sin? you have the key to internal heavens gate. You were born with it. The golden jewelled key, the exact thing that has been weighing you down and you have been carrying around for years opens the door in your mind. Thats the irony.

you have to let the baggage go to move on cos you'll never remember unless you forget.

SuzyWongx SuzyWongx
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2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

That's really nice...I do always tend to think that to get beyond some of the things I've done I must return to my "original" self. I think it is ironic that to remember that original self we have to move past the things that drag us down. I don't think you should try to bury them, b/c that would be denial, but a moving forward past them is important.

That was quite an inspiring pep talk! =} THANX!