I Will Turn To The Dark Side If I Don't Find What I Am Looking For (sub Heading Nice Guy, Going Bad) & No Angel Anymore For Anyone!

If I don't find a woman to accommdate my needs soon I will go somwhere and have to humiliate myself by paying for it.

I will expand on these themes later, I just wanted to set up this experience site as I was bored and feeling let down again and thus felt The Dark Side coming out of me and I don't want that, but it looks that way.


I am also fed up being the nice guy! Nice guys don't get the breaks and are easily manipulated and exploited.

I may give in to the daker side as I know it is now very much part of me but always in the background. It manifests itself in other ways too.

That's it for now.



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The World shall hear from me again...

It will be and the longer you wait the better it will be. My post was in respect of the site founder who gave me the iniative to find a Dark Side and in no way boasting coz without his iniative i wouldn't have thought to try to find what i have. Thankyou Monkeynut, i owe you.

Well at least one of us has crossed through to The Dark Side. Congratulations and on my site too; pity it couldn't be me... typical

I taken my first visit to the Dark Side. I found a Mistress closer to me than i ever dare hope and attended my first session today. The Mistress talked with me to find out what i was into and what attracted me to it and then had me ***** naked before spreading me eagle and strapping me by the wrists to a St Andrews cross. There followed a taste of all things BDSM, i was flogged as a warm up, taken off the cross and put in a straight jacket with hood and ball gag, had the hood removed and was instructed to 'clean' Mistresses shoes (black platform stilettos). I was put in The Mistresses pink panties and all the time, mocked and told how superior women are to men. With the jacket removed i was put over Mistresses knee for spanking before being instructed to lean over a table while i was caned. One cane was long and thin like a piece of bamboo while another was longer with a little 'flicky' bit on the end that curled around the buttocks and as she dealt with me the Mistress suggested things that she would do with me asking if i would like that.<br />
Now that Mistress Morkara has seen me and spoken about what i get off on, the next time and there WILL be one, i can assure you, we will go straight into a role play scenario. The Mistress hold fetish partys at her country chambers and has decided i would make an excellent sissy slave so i have that to come and so much more! If this is the Darkside then i embrace it wholly. :D

But if this is what these sites are doing to you, raising your hopes and then dashing them again leaving you feeling even more fed up and let down then is it worth it? True, you could be the eternal optomist and tell yourself that you will find someone sooner or later and indeed you might but how long will that take?

So true but the whole point of me commenting and attending websites as mentioned was to release my other side but all I find is it being stopped again and again ad finitum. I was hitting elation at the weekend but by Sunday knowone who I was remotely interested in was emailing back and I sank into despair. I have gone from a peak to a trough in less than 12 hours. That is not healthy. I was elated but now full of vexation and frustration. My whole demeanor has changed back to black. I truly thought I was on the way. When rebuked like that I resolve back to default mode and sort of went on a self destruct for a few hours.

For my part i see nothing wrong or demeaning in paying for something you really want but can't seem to find in any other way. Let's face it, it would be a minor miracle if we stumbled upon a female partner willing to go along with our fantasies and the longer you hope and look the more frustration you are putting yourself through. Seeing as bondage is a form of humiliation you could always could always regard the paying for it as a part of the humiliation fantasy. <br />
The more you deny what you see as your dark side the worse you will feel about it and regard it as a bad thing, would it not be better to stop suppresing and try enjoying and in doing that control that which you fear will overwhelm you.