I Like You Sometimes


when you dont feed me those cheesy lines,

those lame excuses, those **** up...

those excuses are useless, 


i like you sometimes, 

sometimes is right now, 

i feel this power between the you and i,

i get the overwhelming feeling to sigh, 

i like you sometimes when i want to cry,

you are there for me and i feel my tears go dry. 


i like you sometimes, 

but not right now, 

not when you ignore my good since 

i will make you feel pain so bad you think your name is Vence. 


i will take this life of mine and excuse you from it,

not only for a bit, but for a life time if that makes since..... 

i love you for ever, but sometimes i dont like you,

i feel used and abused by you. 

so take this blade that my starry eyes cant see, and cut that part of me out of you, 

cut out whats left of me, and give it back to me.

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1 Response Apr 30, 2010

is this happening?!..