To All The Men Out There

If you live with a woman and you like to leave your socks wherever you please remember this: Every time she picks them up (because she DID wait a few days to see if you would do it, but you didn't, you useless pig) she is cursing you and plotting your death.

Just thought I would let you know.
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59 Responses May 22, 2011

REALLY!!!??? you could rant about anything in the world and THIS is what you are fired up about?? You need to get out more lady.

My kids would leave socks all over room not put in wash basket so I just washed one and when they ran out of pairs they soon got message if they want a pair of socks put both in basket.

@bjc, great story, priceless! *lmfao*

I once raced home from work because of the rain. When I arrived I discovered washing on the line so I put my bags down at the door and proceeded to gather everything off the lines.<br />
<br />
The next day at work, one of the ladies borrowed my padded wind breaker because she was cold. Well, she stuck her hands in the pockets to warm them and discovered one of my ladies little undies.<br />
<br />
Lesson - don't put your hands in a man's pockets. You might be surprised. <br />
<br />

Does this count with the beer bottle bag? I am very clean except for that. I guess I got a very little man in me.

Hahahaaaa<br />
<br />
Tis why I live alone. No killing to be done. <br />
<br />
Anyway, I do<br />
laundry<br />
cooking<br />
massage<br />
shave legs etc<br />
iron<br />
socks<br />
undies<br />
<br />
love to all

DBA, let us keep our secrets to our pm's! Thehe

Ok, shiny thong it is, rickigirl. What color, I aim to please, and I have been very bad, I haven't even gotten the mail yet today. Which makes me a bad bad bad boy, I guess someone is gonna have to 'punish' me. I am thinking that someone could be you. Yes, no socks, understood mistress rickigirl of pain and pleasure

Hey DBA, you are no gentleman, revealing all our secrets! And if anyone cares, I prefer my men with a shiny thong, no socks on... to lead back to the real topic of the story!!!

Well mewold, naked is just how rickigirl prefers her men, so much easier to let the spanking commence then. Myself, I am going to have to get a list of all the "bad" things I have to do in order for rickigirl to administer a few swats to my bare backside. I want to be certain I am naughty enough for some 'rickigirl' punishment

You play in the same league my dear, dear friend mewold! :'-))

You guys are getting nasty. I am going to pull up my pants and go home. Oh, I forgot. I'm naked. lol

I love that evilgrin rickigirl, and I know if I put my mind to it I can figure out something I can do for which I should be "punished".

You tell me, I please you! *evilgrin*

Ah, rickigirl, a woman who just KNOWS how to get to me heart!!! I have been known to be a little naughty, so I can't say I don't deserve to be spanked as a "punishment" Hee hee hee

Let us all spank DeadButAlive, if he likes spanking so much! *Lolz*

I don't care about the socks issue anymore, what I want is to see McToady spank Bleed. I think Bleed has been a bad, bad, bad girl............

my sis does all the washing for me. I wonder wat with happen someday if i decide to marry, i really doubt if there some who can do the much my sis does.

Well, I liked the rant clear up to the time I realized that my sweet wife often picks up my socks. <br />
<br />
* mewold looks over his shoulder as he hides the kitchen knives. *

Hmm.. Though I don't much like the negativity in the comment. I for one believe there are many generally clean men out there. Me, being one who enters different peoples homes everyday due to the nature of my job can tell you, women are definatly no exception at all.<br />
I have been to just as many nasty with cloths all over womens homes as I have been to men's. <br />
Just rememeber this however, I will trade you my 60+ hours of hard labor that I do every week for keeping the house clean in a heart beat.<br />
If you are a stay at home mom, perhaps you should realize the good life you have, pickup a few dirty socks in trade for your home being paid for, a car purchased for you, all your bills paid for, cash in your pocket, freedom of more excess time (unless your one of those that believe family is a bad thing to spend time on so they can't be included in the "excess time" catagory), plus lots more. All you had to do for all that is clean the house and remove the socks from the floor, I mean ouch, that is hard work for all that, hell I will trade you right now, I will pick up your dirty socks for all that.<br />
If your a career wife that also works zillions of hours, then perhaps you will be better understood for the reason dirty socks bother you.

lolz@ sunami2011 poor dude!<br />
<br />
*bends over* NOW SPANK ME TOADY!!!


oh damn haha, well i'm one girl that wouldn't care about that. i'm the biggest slob haha i don't care about that.

I think a house works better if everyone takes care of the things that bother him or her. For example, I cook my own food.

dats true

Sure enough. I put mine in the laundry and do my own. Of course, since I am single and happy to be. Nothing like a sock to ruin a marriage, as if there weren't anything else more important.

Maybe this Mr. has to offer a sock pick-up service for us ladies? * lol*

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Thought that wass a womans job lol.

Thanks for the heads up!

*ROFL* I can't believe that you let the cat outta the bag, McT!

My mom told me neither! :))

Just throw them away, he'll get the idea when he has no socks.

All my three men leave their stuff everywhere. When I'm fed up, I collect all that and lay it down on their beds.

*sheepishly raises hand* Erm Toady i'm one of those women........I leave my socks every where too. <br />
<br />
I did it to bug the hell out of my ex but not once did he pick them up! I never understood his logic because I always had to pick everything up! <br />
<br />
It was like living with Hansel, he'd leave his socks in the bathroom, pants in the bedroom and t-shirts on the landing.........GRRR

OMG you let everyone in on our secret thoughts!

Never had a problem putting my dirty clothes, including my socks, in a hamper, or in one big pile of dirty clothes. It ain't rocket science ya know

Amen to that McT!!!

Awww, sweet answer gmac. You mean I confuse him?<br />
If we were younger I would think, no time for proper laying down our clothes, but, but... :'((

@rick, he gets confused when he enters the bedroom? hope not too much,.

@gmac1000, I laughed hard when I read your, hampers right next to the bed and on my side of the bed! Our hampers are on hubs side and guess what! :'))

As your kids get older you'll have these problems I've mentioned, silly me. You are talking about your hubby. I'm almost perfect in my wife's eyes then. Don't even ask where I'm not, lol

lmao, i asked for a nose hair trimmer for xmas. didn't get one. How about toothpaste in the sink also?

hampers right next to the bed, and on my side of the bed, not too hard. What's next? Vent on leaving the seat up? lol

I have cold feet so I always know where my socks are, on my feet.

McToady, The cat is male and could possible have a sock fetish. Maybe she does it for the cat and his fetish....

I was recently trying to get the cat out from under the bed when I found about 5 pairs of my WIFE'S dirty socks. And what make this even better is I hear her complain all the time in the morning because she cannot find any clean socks. Tomorrow morning I will teller to look under the bed if she wants to find her socks. It is not just men that leave sock laying around.

I appreciate my mum and grands and a military pops who cracked tha whip and then some. Thank you to all the mums, women who putz up with us...Thank YOU!!! I love and appreciate you, now help teach me how to communicate effectively with you and how to listen and do what you ask... HELP!!!

My ex husband liked to come home from work, take tools/money/shiny things he picked up off the ground out of his pockets and pile them all over the coffee table and couch. I would run behind him, scolding him as I picked them up so our toddler didn't get hold of them. Of course the socks were next.<br />
<br />
I got tired of just scolding, so for weeks I kept every pair of dirty socks he left anywhere outside the hamper. I did not wash them, and he was eventually forced to buy new socks to litter the floor with, though more of those made it into the hamper. After he'd bought about five of the six packs of socks, he had a week's supply he would carefully tuck in the hamper before they disappeared.<br />
<br />
I waited another few weeks, then removed his pillow from it's case and zippered pouch. I stuffed the rank, filthy and fermented socks into the pouch, pulled the case over it and went to sleep smiling.

I say after the first time u've told a man 2 pick up his socks, thre shouldn't b a 2nd time. End th damn relationshp. When we wanna repeat ourselves, we have children.

What is it with men and their socks? I've picked up more than my fair share, I'm certain.

@pinkypip,I'm the sock fairie in my household, throws stardust...


Pssst.....I have a cat that swipes socks and hides them in his bed....I rent the little beggar out real cheap... :D

i pick up after my self and always have i even do my own cooking and laundry but can yoywork on your our car

mhmm :P same. Socks go in the hamper. In my room though, i tend to toss t-shirts on the floor until it's time to do laundry again.

And you use it? Marry me! Thehe

Scary, you know my husband. More scarier, you know my sons and father and brother.<br />
Ricki shouts, is there any man outside who don't drop his socks just where he stands?

*note to self*<br />
<br />
pick socks up , avoid premature death.