Broke And Pissed; Don't Mess With Me!

between being broke after paying the bills and the neighbors and their GD music, i'm ready to huff and puff and blow somebody's house down! i would not be the one to mess with today!
jerrica jerrica
51-55, F
4 Responses Oct 25, 2011

this guy is an idiot. doesn't he know he will never win against bad marji? lol

uh oh, is this a 911 emergency?

What do you mean ? I do hear what you are saying @ 9 pm or later most people are trying to sleep not hear about some stupid *** thing that is hard to ubder stand any way.

what do i mean? i don't get you. day or night, i'm sick of these punks and their music. if they had jobs to go to, they wouldn't be at home all hours of the day or night. if it were up to me i wouldn't rent to younger people unless they were very responsible and i get the feeling that this guy and his friends aren't.

wouldn't that be great? :) any particular reason, help you get rid of a certain someone maybe? lol. between the two of us, we could git er done! lol