Favortism In The Workplace

i don't have much respect for those that play favorites and it really burns my hide when it's done in the workplace. yesterday, one of my favorite co workers was fired for some charting errors. no warnings from the boss, no counseling, not three strikes and you're out but terminated. i realize that when you're dealing with legal documents you need to make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed but how can that mistake be worse than staff members that are abusive to clients, have been caught in the act and still have their jobs? it's wrong when some indiscretions are swept under the rug, depending on who you are, while others get away with criminal acts scot free. if it weren't for needing a job, i would dump that place without a look back.
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4 Responses Dec 10, 2011

@ cancergirl: i couldn't agree more about terminating those that are known to be abusive to clients. how they can bury their heads in the sand knowing that has happened is beyind me. and favortism sets up a hostile work enviroment and bad feelings among co workers, one of the things they preach against yet foster themselves.<br />
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you're right, destiney. kids in school display more maturity than some of the bunch i work with.

abusive to clients yet still have their job? that's just not right. i would can a person guilty of this in a heartbeat over one who made errors in charting. and i agree that favortism on the job stinks, sends a bad message.

it's pretty lousy when people are allowed to keep their jobs after they committed offenses that should have gotten them fired on the spot while others get no mutiple chances for making errors that didn't offend a client's dignity and well being.

well I hate to say it but it seems to be who screws who first.

Well I wish there was a reasonable answer to that, seems to happen alot more now.