Il'd Kill For The Nobel Peace Prize.

I'm so angry at society! why can't we be harsher on our killers! How come i've only just heard of 'the murder of James Bulger' today. He was two years old and they were ten. They abducted, sexually abused, tortured and killed him. A two year old child A TWO YEAR OLD CHILD! They're obviously fugging mental. Why are they still alive today. If had a say i would of had them shot as soon as they were caught, A life for a life. And i don't care how bad i sound, because that is disgusting. You are not human if you can do that AND you cannot claim ignorance on their part they were old enough to know it wasn't right. I have a four year old cousin and he understands the difference between right and wrong. What makes it worse is It was pre meditated, they had time to think about it! They stole blue paint which they later threw in his eye. Why are they not dead, Why can't i do anything about it!. 1993 a year after I was born, i was 1.
I'm sorry, i'm venting because... It just hit me! I was watching Glee, i changed the channel and Bam. I know when i see people tomorrow and i try to talk about it they wont follow because a glee repeat is much more important.

The End.

p.s It didn't work i'm still mad.

p.p.s its not 6 in the morning.. i should fix that.
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I think it absolutely stupid to know they only went to jail for a little while, where as a kid who had been bullied his whole finally snapped and killed someone and got a life sentence. Now I know killling is killing but I just don't see the justice.

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are you actually john venables and just really good at bluffing?!?!?!?!

what I was actually calling you was a reformed child murderer who has since undergone a sex change and I imagine some pretty basic psycho analysis.....albeit in a joke and as for living in a world of my own,you might well have hit the nail on the head

sure beats the real world where young kids are murdered daily

damn right its scary,seriously sometimes I wish id never been born,how can the likes of james bulger and maddie mccann be dead and yet shannon matthews can be alive under a posturepedic mattress

it would appear so,im guessing my sense of "humor" is skewed by your standards,all jokes aside we live in what is an ever increasingly sick world,my attempts at humor are brought about purely to take the sting out of the harsh nature of reality and not just for cheap are clearly of high moralistic fibre and I respect that,I will just have to converse with you in a manner more respectful and accepting of your own sensibilities on these issues.

lol (having trouble forgiving myself for using lol btw) It was never my intent to make you feel humorless or for the passive aggression that you may have felt you were radiating towards me I can assure you that I didnt get that impression so tell your subconscious that wished to be that way that it failed,also im left feeling the need to thank you for being one of maybe about 5 people online that isn't trying to sell me something or wanting to know if id be interested in paying for sex,its quite refreshing

I am currently blazing a trail for those who don't "love" wedgies, as for any potential attempts at trying to persuade me to pay for live shows or dvd's (perhaps one's that come with a free t-shirt and coffee mug) no matter how subtle they may be I warn you that Im wise to all the banter that goes along with such enterprise. through years of experience trying to sell pictures of myself at school sportsdays to guys online,dont worry I got around any legal issues by having my target market be purely made up of chemically castrated pedophiles *wonders if my attempts at humor are getting any more obvious*

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yeah, the justice system at times is too strict, and at other times, far too lenient. Stories like this just make you disappointed in humanity.

The social background that produced Bulger's killers and the subsequent cluster **** is a direct result of a mindset that cannot differentiate between the need of a growing and evolving society to cast off outdated and repressive ideas and a nihilistic trashing of everything that made Western Civilization great. <br />
<br />
Here in the U.S. the great Liberal vs. Conservative debate is a misnomer. My politics go back to the 60's when being a Liberal meant you were actually liberal, not a variety of destructive Neo Fascist. Most U.S. Conservatives are more nearly Libertarians who have been driven from the Liberal camp by socialism (doesn't really work) and political correctness (a basic dishonesty). It gets complicated when you add the old style conservatives (think Ku Klux Klan) and the scheming Communists (eg Obama's friends William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn) to the mix. <br />
<br />
You've triggered on the fundamental problem of modern liberalism. A basic failure to understand what we are dealing with because political correctness forbids it. Good luck, there are no simple answers here.

I'm horrified. Totally agree with you. But how are they punished?<br />
You know, I've read recently about lots of psychos who torture animals. I won't describe the things the did but it's terrible. Our government don't punish severely for such things and when these beasts are bored with animals they start killing people. Everything is connected and the law system sucks.