Part Of The Problem That Ep Is Experiencing Starts Here !!!

There has been a lot of debate and different ideas lately on members concern for the young people who do visit this site. I was browsing my news feed and I ran across the link below. This is a story, that isn't fit for young people, posted in the " I Have Insomnia" group. This is just one example on the cautions that people should be taking note of, because this is a definite mistake to post this where one can assume that children will be reading and posting as well, they do also have insomnia, it isn't limited to adults. If members are more careful, and use just a little common sense, we can keep the site as clean and safe as possible by NOT posting this kind of content any where except in the adult groups, where it belongs. I am no trying to be a judgmental or insensitive person, but I do look out for what is best for the younger ones who also come here for advice and friendship as that is their right. I mean no disrespect to the author of the post, but we must all think before we post such stories and we need to make sure that it is not as easily accessible to someones child. Most of the children that I have spoken with are not even interested in stories like these, most just need advice and friendship they are missing in their lives for one reason or another. All I am asking is for the adults who post erotic or racier material, to make sure it is done in the proper place and that it is marked as ADULT content... Please join me in getting the story relocated to a proper place.... I apologize ahead of time if the poster thinks that my intentions are anything other than the concern that we all have for the kids here. We can all make the site better for them if we just stop and think before we post our content. thank you for your attention... Have a nice day........

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Some what I have read is not even appropriate for adult readers. By far though I do get alot of solid, positive and supportive messages that encouage me to get out of dark places and face the light

unfortunately there really is no way to keep anyone under 18 from lying and say they are older... and get an adult account. That also goes for adults saying they are under 18 and then getting the chance to talk to kids. And from what i've read, it seems that there are a lot of pedophiles here on ep doing just that. Setting up an account and saying they of some age under 18, talking to other kids around that age, then working them in a sexual ways. Everyone needs to take more responsibility, but so does EP. They are allowing this to happen

I agree with the comments above. I, too, have seen content inappropriate for underage children. I have no problem with adults writing/posting adult content. As ya'll stated above, it should be in the ADULT CONTENT sections. The adults writing and posting should be adult enough to make sure it is in the correct sections and marked appropriately. I am not trying to be a "censor", but I also have to state something which bothered me in the questions section. According to the profile info a question was asked by a 16 year old girl asking people to ask her anything they wanted and she would answer truthfully. Many may have answered not knowing her age, BUT she then stated she was only 16 and there were questions asking details of a sexual nature. I am not trying to judge people, but when a middle age man asks sexual type details from a 16 year old, flags go up in my head. Just my opinion....

I totally agree with every point you have made in your comment above. As a survivor of abuse, I, too, get those red flags when something like that happens because it isn't appropriate for adults, be they male or female, to ask a 16year old girl questions of a sexual nature, especially on a social networking site. I know that this can happen in error if someone doesn't notice the age, but here we must strive to always bear in mind that the person on the other end could poosibly be a child and act accordinly until we have atleast checked the profile of that person, and read a few posts. Teens will admit their true age (usually always) in their posts. It is up to all of us to help look out for these young ones. I am not intersted in censorship of any kind either, I just feel that the story should be posted in the proper ADULT section and marked accordingly. Thank you for including this in your comment as I meant to also included this statement in my original post above, but being ill as of late has made things much more difficult for me, and it is at times hard to concentrate. I am very appreciative that you included this so that I could remember to make that known. =) Again, thank you autumntimes.

I see your point. Well stated.

Thank you. I just don't think that it's common sense that a "racy" post like that needs to be marked as 18=, and most certainly NOT in the music category. I was a new member once, but some things are common courtesy especially when you think that kids use the internet also. Thanks P, I appreciate your support.. =)

i can't figure why someone would post that story in that group *shakes head*

That makes two of us. I think it is a possibility that it's a new member that doesn't understand, errors do happen, I just try to make sure it's safe as possible for the young ones who do in fact visit this site. =)

i think it's great that you're looking out for the young people :)

Thank you Jerrica. I have talked to quite a few young folk who come here for advice and friendship, their parents apparently don't have or don't make time for them. What ever the reason, there is no way that they will stop coming here. They shouldn't have to, some of them really do have it rough and others for whatever reason are seeking attention. The ones that seek attention are the ones who worry me the most, their are predators every where. Kids that seek attention are at greater risk. I noticed that you seem to be concerned for the young ones who visit here as well as a few other members. As long as we as adults do think of it and make sure others are aware, I believe it will help immeasurably... =)