I Am Not Far Enough Past Angry To Know What To Change.,

My husband has been out of town and he wont look for another job and he has a mess with his daughter and won't clean it up! I know that it has been a hard year and he is unhappy not being home with us as well but seriously he is freaking working and fishing while I am home with two kids and paying bills, and cleaning the house. Then he is like "It seems like things fall apart when I am out of town" and when my 4 year old says he wont listen to me and hates me and wants me to die and will only ever listen to his daddy. "Well that's what he thinks" No that's not what he thinks, that is what is happening because he misses his dad. I love my children and I want to be a good mom but i feel like I the walls are closing in on me and I don't know what to do and he does not see it because he is not HERE! I feel like if I am going to be a single parent I want to be a single parent but the thought of no tbeing with him is so sad to me. I can't keep going on this way.
food4thought30 food4thought30
May 18, 2012