Hated For Who I Am

Another day of shrugs and sighs, 
Another line of "oh I'm fine" 
That endless running from my own reflection
Because I'm of a different complexion. 
Not my skin but something deep within,  my morals? My values? 
How can they sink me into
The ground with quicksand knawing at my ankles. How is it I'm a exhibit, trapped in a cage with a creature just sitting and grinning. 
I dig myself holes like a mole burrowing from the sun. 
I never knew my beliefs could create such a heaping pile of dung. 
Straight stance, another forced smile of "hey at least I made it through another day." but will that be enough to quit playing the game
Inside my head questioning who I am now and who I was then. None of it matters, I'm already dealing with destruction but at least through it all I'm still able to function.
Mandana818 Mandana818
18-21, F
May 21, 2012