You said you were my best friend! Since when did I ever say you weren't good enough!? When did I jump in front of you, saying you sucked at writing! And that you copy me! I loved you! I was your only best friend! I let you vent at me for hells sake! I can't and won't be able to love without you! You told me you hated me.. What kind of friend is that?!?!?!
We used to nothing but hang out! Why would you even go to my family?! My family did NOTHING to you! I never judged yours. Don't even say **** about mine! My family took you under our wings.. Never once, did we say anything bad about you! Nor your family! I understand you needed to vent ! But on your best friend?! I thought we were on the same team! I never ONCE would've thought it would be you who broke my heart! I'm a nice person, even if I don't say it much! And I do write good! I sing amazing too! It's not my fault you don't like singing in front of crowds! Stop being jealous of me ! Okay?
I'm not as perfect as I seem! Just ! ugh..
I'm NEVER opening up to ANYONE as much as I did to you. Remember that for me, will you!
ICantGoMyOwnWay ICantGoMyOwnWay
13-15, F
May 24, 2012