Judgmental B*tches

Isn't it wonderful how some idiots can't tell the difference between WELFARE and DISABILITY. You think it's a party over here with allll that money I get? How classy to pick on people who have depression and feel suicidal. I guess some people are perfect and don't EVER feel depressed. Why don't you go knock over a person in a wheelchair while you're at it? It's the same damn thing. You don't know my past and all the things I've lived through. You don't know how I feel on a day to day basis. So before you judge me, why don't you wait until you develop psychic abilities and do an astral swap and walk in my shoes for a while? Until then, keep your mouth shut. I haven't had sex in a year and a half. So I guess that rules out the ***** thing too. Last year I made so many mistakes. But doesn't everybody. One of them was being friends on here with A LOT of people I should not have. And doing things contrary to my nature. I suggest before you judge others, take a look at yourself as well. I'll admit to anything I did that was wrong but I don't appreciate lies. Now go play on the other side of the playground. Wayyyy over there. That's right.
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I've walked in shoes almost like yours and I applaud everything you just said,,,,,, and I to admit when I make mistakes,,, but you know what sucks,, when people constantly hammer at me for a mistake even 2 years later I still get nagged, hammered and clawed at for old mistakes,,, like the people who do that have any room to condom,,,,,,I too suffer from depression, so I do understand what your saying

Disability and welfare are two completely different things!

::looks at your profile:::
you resemble a certain braindead hillbilly I used to know...
You don't know me nor how I feel so go back under your rock

Hehe..its cool..this is old news

Yeah like that bedwetting dude that was hitting on me. His circle was all horny girls..one had boobies as an avatar hehe...whyyyy is he talking to me? Im not that kind of girl on here! Only with my guy. OMG you have a Pikachu avvy..they're going to want to hump that lol

I agree...there are many douche monsters on this site who are insensitive and just plain stupid. It is like every girl who joins EP must be a ***** according to all the pervs and pedos here. The fact is it is a public forum and should remain a public forum.


Why did I disappear from your friends list? I deleted my profile some months ago...I am OK now..I am on my way to making amends with some of those that I have been feuding with. The worst of them I haven't heard from in a long time and it better stay that way. I enjoyed the days when I worked..I didn't like all my jobs but I was such a different person than I am now. I don't like who I have become. My choices have led me to this on top of my mental stuff. So I can only make the best of what I have. :)

I thought you said you had deleted your account - one day you were just gone from my friend list. I tried adding you back, but I guess I spelled it wrong and that account turned out to not be you (I thought you had finally got fed up and were just gone). It's not that I'm different than when I was working; while I worked with the public and others, I am not cut out to deal with people (even tho I am capable) and office politics leave me stressed out. When left alone to do my job I'm very good at what I do; throw people in my way and eventually I'll have a meltdown. Since the last meltdown (and it was a doozie) I find anxiety builds when I'm around people, so I keep my interaction with others to a minimum. I'm sure the mental health professionals wouldn't agree with what I've done, but all they did was give me more and more medication. I'm calmer and not as likely to panic if something doesn't happen as planned. I've always had these problems and spent too much time wondering what was wrong with me; to finally know was a great relief and I've spent a lot of time learning to accept who I am and this set of limitations (I had no problem accepting my physical limitations). Accepting myself for who I am isn't the biggest problem - it's other people; they want you to fit their mold. And when you don't, they label you, insist the problem lies with you, and try to force you to be like them. Yeah, I know they think I should be more social, but they won't listen when I tell them it's not in my nature. Right now, my depression only hits me when I'm not feeling well or in a lot of pain - I can deal with this.

Oh yeah..a lot of crap went down with my profile...I think the guy who was harassing me at point took the name kittychanel....it was just an empty profile...I replaced the "i" in my name with a "1"...
Believe it or not, I used to do well with people. I was in retail for some of my jobs lol. I started calling in sick to work when I was depressed because I just could not face people and the outside world..it got really bad in hawaii in 99-01...thats when I got on disability. At this point I'm a lot worse than I was then. I fear even going out of the house. Its frustrating because I want to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. But I haven't walked down town yet! Time is running out for that. Im glad you accept yourself. We don't need to fit into anyones elses definition of whats normal. Everyones different. Im not a perky morning person. Im not a lot of things that society expects me to be. I dont care. As long as I figure out how to happy and the people I care about are happy, thats a start. I actually love my differentness.

Now I know why you disappeared from my friend list. I missed hearing from you and reading your input. Sometimes you just gotta be drastic to get rid of the cause(s) that just adds to depression and anxiety. We're (ok most of us (females) probably were) taught that it's wrong to be selfish and be sympathetic to others - somewhere the message on not letting others abuse us got lost. I finally quit letting others feed my depression (ok - there's my mom, but I just can't get thru to her); I also figured a few things out about myself and that helped lower my anxiety level. I'd like to tell you I've got it all under control - and then some ignorant sob comes along just as you described. I've asked myself why I let (them) bother me, after all, they're the mindless idiots. My conclusion is that I just don't want to be this way and somehow they've implied that I chose to be handicapped. Yeah, like I didn't live a lot better when I was working. I loved my job - it was challenging. Now I fight boredom and try to find something, anything to keep me mentally if not physically active. So I'm with you, they can just stay away, far, far away!

I haven't heard of it no...Ill look on amazon<br />
I think people who experience depression still pick at others...maybe because they hate in themselves?

Maybe. It's sad... really, sufferers should support each other. We are stronger together to fight the "black dog".

Actually I hate having anxiety more. If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose depression.

Unfortunately, people who have never suffered from depression have no idea how difficult and how crippling it is.<br />
Have you read "Michael Rosen's Sad Book" by chidren's book author Michael Rosen? He talks about his own depression in it, and it's the most genuine, touching, simple yet profound account of depression I have ever read. It's illustrated by Quentin Blake who perfectly captured the spirit of it. Check it out... as a depression sufferer it's my favourite book on the subject, far above so called "self-help" ones.

Yeah I wouldn't think that group would be nasty. The KKK stole your profile away? Over what you said? I don't get it.

this is my second account because a member of the KKK got my first one suspended for showing posters of a member going into a hospital with black Dr. and nirses and one about to enter heaven but the gate keeper is black ( forgot which St.) I'm still suprised at how the staff has been ban groups and avatars but won't go after the people couseing the real problems. they said the group " I love My Son" was for pedos and kicked off. sorry but most parents i know love their children.

Yeah kitty is pissed...but this is why we can't have nice things

well there's a point where it gets to be too ******* much. this girl I never even talked to says I wrote a mean story about her. I've never said one word to her! I mind my business and have fun and people make UP **** so they can write stories about me. Maybe I'm a crazy ***** and butthurt and a recluse loser but I am hurt by how people treat me..even online. I'm here to have fun and not fight. Because you see this is my only social outlet. I have no friends in real life. That's my situation. I chose to move here and things went wrong. So yeah I take **** here seriously. And I do not appreciate being someones form of entertainment. I'm at my wits end here. Everybody thinks this taunting on EP is nothing..even my guy. Well it's ******* NOT. I am willing to mind my own business and not feud anymore with haters and trolls. But they continue to write **** about me..I've had it with being peoples punching bag. ******* done!!!

Thank you Rob :)

Dear 'KC', I am caring for you, thinking of you and praying for you as I write this and as you go through that. Much friendship care. Rob

It still annoys me that some troll can come in here and start harassing me and have the nerve to say I deserved it. A friggin newcomer. And the ***** who said the day I deleted my account was "the best day ever". Coldhearted and pathetic.

i could not agree more!

again :)

Well put! Thank you for posting this you have put in to words how I feel but can't verbalise myself, thank you :0)

Haha...I saved you time...I'm the ghost writer

Are you friggin serious???..get lost buster.

Seriously! What a loser! Naughty pics, ptf.

gross...notice the spelling..oh yeah thats a hot one..future husband material there!

You're welcome..I was told certain things were said about me. And i was addressing that. But I don't know for certain. And other things are just written right out in the open..and disappear. Let it go guys. It was last year. I screwed up in so many ways with people on here. And yes I feel ashamed. But it's the past. I screwed up in the cyber world but I've kept my life together in the real one. I still have my house and I'm still celibate(damnit..lol). I talk to my guy every day on yahoo and I know he loves me and cares about me. I need EP because I need friendships. To give and receive. I'm a recluse so it is my social outlet and venting place. I don't want to ***** about other people. I want to explore my messed up past and bond with other people who have their own past hells.<br />
<br />

:::looks at Quinnies whiteboard::::<br />
Oh you're EDIEZ! LMAO! Fooled me there..for a few minutes.

thank you:)

I nor anyone else can stop people from judging and bullying. But it's not pleasant to put with on a "support site". I have had enough of it. I'm hearing different stories from different people. Tis terrible.

Kitty, no one should judge you because of depression. That is not cool and affects many people from all walks of life..I know because I struggle with it too. We all have things that have happened in our lives that suck..Some can deal with it better than others..Some cannot deal with it at all.<br />
You need not apologize for anything...that is not "wrong"..

Come on now...you are friends with two trolls who have been messing with me for months....I just love it when people make friends with my enemies then wonder why I don't like them!

So who is being judgemental? You are judging me based on who I am friends with..
cmon now....be for real, Kitty lol..that makes no sense.

Makes perfect sense to me dear...you agree with people who abuse others...makes you look bad.

Oh the hell it does lolol...funny stuff, Kitty;).

Yes..it is

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Well you'd think with their so-called normal life of 40 hour work weeks, etc etc they wouldn't have so much time on their hands...you know a lot of great people in history were "social misfits" and "crazy" ;)