To anyone having problems with trolls remember this:

Just delete their comments and block them, pretend like they don't even exist. They thrive on attention from who they are trying to harass.  Doesn't matter if it is positive or negative attention.  If you respond to any troll in any way, no matter what you say you only make them feel good simply because you acknowledged their existence.  That's how lonely they are, so the best thing to do is just say nothing and pretend they don't exist.

Now, perhaps someone might see this and think WTF! this person totally trolled me!  What right do they have talking about this.  Well, yeah, I may have trolled you, especially if you happen to be naked, disemboied boobies, or a disembodied crotch.  Naked is flat out against the rules, so yeah sure I have no problem with trolling you.  Disembodied crotches and boobies are just >not< "people" to me so yeah, I may troll you too.  But you know what?  If you respond to a troll post of mine I will get a little notification that someone replied to my comment, which will prompt me to troll further.  If you delete my comment and block me then I will never know and I will probably forget about you and never see you again.  See how it works?
katnipkitkat katnipkitkat
41-45, F
Jul 1, 2012