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Ep Irritates Me Sometimes

I don't spend as much time on EP as I used to, so when I do come here, I like to check out what my circle of friends has written. But more often than not, when I click on "Stories", I cannot access the stories just for my circle!  Why can't EP software peeps get their $hit together and make stuff work the way it's supposed to??

I'm annoyed with all these changes EP keeps making.  Can we puleeeze just leave things alone, for like 5 f*ckin' minutes????
Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 6 Responses Aug 30, 2012

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Your story is perfect. You should post it in the "I want to Improve Experience Project" group that EPArsineh posts to. That way, hopefully, it will be addressed. I think some of my friends believe that I am ignoring them because I haven't commented on their stories. My husband has said the same thing. He'll ask me if I saw a story of his and I'll say no. It doesn't come up in my circle's activity. I have to go to his profile and look to see what he has recently written. I don't want to "stalk" my husband and EP friends that way. I think EP needs to fix the newsfeed.

I see you're having some of the same frustrations. One thing I discovered after writing this post, is that if you go to your profile page and click on your circle members, you will see at the bottom a link you can click to see your circle's stories. So there is a way to still access their stories, but it's not as convenient as it used to be!

Thanks for the insight. I'm am frustrated with EP too. EP needs to stop moving things around and messing with the things that work. They should fix the things that don't work like the perverts that keep harassing people on here.

Oh MY, don't get me started. Why do my gestures show up on my whiteboard. Then in my gestures too. I don't need redundancy, I need ease of use. Yes! trying to look to see what a friend has written is a freaking chore now. I get notifications when someone comments on my pictures, but not when they comment on my blogs? What gives? Now I have a list that shows who I have blocked....Now Really! What do I want a list of people I don't ever want to talk to for? Give me some use full tools please! Like a search engine that will search a friends stories, instead of having to scroll through 5000 pages of stuff.

I agree with you, I don't care for the gestures on my w/b either. I don't know what the EP gods are thinking, but a lot of these "improvements" are anything but!! I'm not expecting the moon, but for pete's sake, how about some simple effective tools to make things more functional?

i agree. all the changes and glitches makes coming here not very enjoyable.

I think the same thing. And that's one of the reasons I don't spend as much time here. It's becoming more of a hassle here.

I am having the same issue..... I hope they fix it soon and I really wish they give the blogs the same access and notification they do Q & A and confessions too....

Yes! That's another thing - no notifications for the blogs I comment on. It seems to me, the more they keep trying to "improve" EP, the worse things become. I loathe how we can no longer sort through a person's stories. The old grid listing they used to have was very helpful. This new method is a pain.

I agree. I liked the old system way better.....

My dear Ms V, I feel your pain. I hate missing out on some of the stories that my fave Epeeps write.<br />
Secondly, I didn't get a "Welcome to EP" letter eithet. :(

Yes, it's irritating. I don't usually have the time to comb through each of my friend's pages to search for what they may have written. We need to start a group for all the new e-peeps that never received a welcome letter! I don't know about you, but I think I'm traumatized and unable to move forward in my life because I did not receive that letter. Do you think we should start a group therapy session?? lol

Seriously, I still haven't recovered from after reading SunGirl's story. You know the one where she talks about guys befriending her first and then the conversations turn sexual. I get all the straight up "come have sex cam with me" emails with no introduction, no foreplay, no effort to be my friend. What gives???? (heee heee heee)

Are you kidding?? I still haven't recovered from reading some on YOUR stories!!! lol

Lmao!!! My stories on EP are tame. Its my real life thats traumatizing. :)

Lol!! Oh, I don't know about that. You cranked out some doozies dear!! ;-)

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You tell 'em.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!! :-)

I keep thinking my Welcome to EP letter will need to be totally rewritten. I hate rewrites. LOL

I've never received a " Welcome to EP" letter. What am I? Chopped liver?? lol