That is IT!!!! You have no idea you drunk *****!! Do you have any idea how stupid you look when you're drunk? You have a way of making me so infuriated, like no other person does. It fascinates me, actually. I think I could almost kill you sometimes. Or myself. You make me get in these destructive and annihilative moods. Where I could almost do absolutely anything. You will be the one that drives me to my finalization. If I continue to be around you while you're intoxicated, this I know. I will break. 
Actually, while I was putting the dishes away, I grabbed a glass so madly that it smashed at the impact of my hand. Not only that, but it smashed IN my hand. 
So many things you have done to me. You've traumatized me from day one. And yet I'm always still around you. Why? I think it's about that time when I stay away from you for a little while. Let's hope you don't cut yourself like last time.
Because I can only take so much of you at a time. That's why sometimes I skip a weekend or just randomly go to dad's, when you're drinking so heavily and you have your waste of space idiot loser friends over here. 
TheSimpsons8 TheSimpsons8
22-25, F
Sep 8, 2012