I Just Feel Like Venting A Little Bit.

so my life wasn't always easy growing up. if you want to hear more about that and get the details to help understand, i posted a story and some other blogs about it. but my dad actually had the nerve to send my little sister (she's 15 now) a birthday card and it was signed "love dad and connie" Connie is the **** that he cheated on my mom with and moved away to be with. he totally blew off my sister.i mean i cant stand him because of all the bullshit he put me threw but my sister took it really hard when he left. my sister got all emotional and mad on her birthday because of it. i feel bad. also, he has photos of me on his facebook labled as "my gorgeous daughter" and **** like that. can i report him for that? idk, and im sceptical about having sex with my boyfriend in the future because im afraid im going to get like flashbacks and everything will come back to me. im not sure. i just needed to vent my feelings about some stuff..oh i also have a half sister on my dads side whose older then me...and shes 21. i want to meet her but shes like weirded out by it because i heard her raped our when she was little. :(
i really just want to meet my sister3
**** my life.
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