Yeah I'm A Little Mad At A Friend

Way to be a friend, and saying what ever you want. Making assumptions that I'm mad about you hanging with other girls.You never do consider that I might be worried about more important things then you. Of course not, because you're always the center of attention. Then when I confront you, you get defensive and try to shove the blame off on some one being a friend, and being honest with me. Saying I'm backing you into a corner for asking why you said something, that you clearly admit to saying. Regardless of what I say you disregard and go off about how I shouldn't of even been told about it because you were just "making an observation, not talking ****." My gosh are you kidding me I never call you out, but this is why, it's because you will not try to have an adult conversation. For the record I am not mad about you hanging with other girls, we've been just friends for two years I've been past your drama for a while now. I'm just done with all off the crap you pull. I guess I'm stupid to think you were one of the trust worthy friends. Since you can't even be honest about a stupid random comment! I'm most pissed that you never apologized, but I'm not surprised.

Sincerely, Your Very Mad Friend
resplendentk resplendentk
18-21, F
Nov 7, 2012