Any Advice Appreciated For My Messed Up Relationship

Hi, I'm a late teenager and my boyfriend is going to college soon. Let me start from the beginning.
My boyfriend and I met and it took me a while to get used to him as he is a bit strange (in a good way) but eventually we started dating. He goes to a boarding school and so we started our long-distance relationship, with him liking me more than I liked him.
3 months passed to where we are now. I have 4 major problems.
Firstly, my cousin. She is an attractive girl who is his age (older than me) but they have never met. He always asks about her and even asked me for her number. He also always wants to spend our dates with her (!) even when I only see him once every 3 weeks. Again, they have NEVER met or talked to each other, so I can only assume he is interested in her.
Secondly, my friend. He is the same age as me and we used to be friends before but got very close around the same time I started dating my boyfriend. We used to like each other when we were younger but one was always dating so we never has the chance. I love (or nearly love as it has only been 3 months) my boyfriend, and would never cheat. BUT I am confused as my boyfriend is never there for me (will expand in next point) and he is. He has also shown interest in me, but I would never sacrifice losing someone I love to someone I like.
Thirdly , his studies. I love that my boyfriend is working really hard but it's hard because it means he has even less time for me. We used to talk everyday but now it's down to meaningless small talk every other day, and he hardly says anything sweet anymore. I understand our 'honeymoon' phase is over and he is really busy, but 2 minutes to say 'goodnight' wouldn't hurt. I haven't mentioned this to him yet, but I have implied it. This is the most important issue at the moment for me.
Finally, we are both virgins and he is willing to wait until I feel ready. The first time we fooled around (no actual babymaking) I had a pregnancy scare which I did not tell him about. It was stupid but I was paranoid, and I was not pregnant. The second time I did not want it to happen but one thing led to another and currently I am dealing with another pregnancy scare. I know I am not pregnant but nevertheless I am still paranoid and stressed; and I haven't told him as he has exams and I don't want to stress him out more.

I love my boyfriend and am willing to work things out but I'm starting to get lonely in the already lonely long distance relationship. I don't want to break up but he keeps blowing hot and cold at me, and I can't read the signs. Are we just going through a rough patch or do we break up? I'm so confused and my heart hurts from having to deal with it all while he seems fine.
* Note: I know he is committed- he has talked about getting promise rings of sorts to remind us of each other.

Also, he is going to uni in the USA while I stay in the UK, so we will probably break up in about a years time,which kills me as I like him so much.
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Nov 29, 2012