No Way No How

i have made up my mind...
i am not giving up my shop. not just yet.
It is my home, my space, my sanctuary.
And when the **** hits the fan at the house, i can and will live here.
This feels more like home to me than my house.
the art here is mine, home is his. Nothing there reflects me. Nothing at all.

This is my safe place, my world.
and i will keep it until i no longer can or until i leave here for good.
But until that day.. this is mine, and i will not surrender it.
I will fight to keep it.
So let the selling of extra stuff begin. Becuse this is not an extra.. this is my safety net.
lunazule lunazule
41-45, F
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

yes never get rid of it... its ur safe place.... i wish i had a place like that

If the safety net falls or tears I am here to catch you and care for you. Feeding you with love and compassion, not foods.

thanks baby. You always listen to me, actually hear me and that means more to me than you can imagine. My words are not just noise in the world, and you make sure of that. All my love. Yours