A Time Of Action

I have been struggling. I am unhappy in my marriage, and it is effecting my entire life. Most markedly my business. I have developed an i don't care attitude about everything. I have let things slide that i never would of. And now i am at a point of, **** or get off the pot.
I have to make decisions, i have to find my own way. To love what i do and to do it even better. To accept that i am in need of a change of venue. That where i am is not the best place for me. It is not failure on my part. Things change and they were things i had no control over. But paying the rent i am for the space i have and do not use is a finacial waste. Yes i love my freedom. But having it is draining my finances. And i can find a comfortable space that does not eat up all of my money. In a smaller space i can afford an apartment when the time comes. Where now i would have to try and live in the salon. Workable but not optimal. I am in a place and time of action. To exit the emotional well i am in and to build myself my own safety net. So the next few days will be filled with measuring spaces and phone calls and changing of phone and internet info and forwarding of address. But first i have to pick a place. I have options and i need to act on them. Decide....
pick my landing spot and firmly plant my feet in the dirt. Let go of the extras in my life and put in a fresh coat of paint. Because i need to move on, to let go and learn that change has always been a blessing for me. And I need change.
lunazule lunazule
41-45, F
Dec 26, 2012