She says she is mine. Really? She says I'm her Master her everything. Really? She asked to talk to me and see me and just like most any other time I dropped what I was doing and drove thirty minut s to do so because I love my pet with all my heart and would try and stoop the world if she asked me to. So I get there and I see her she melts me with her eyes and helr smile that I call my sunshine, but not today. Shes preoccupied with the computer, with someone else, someone she has had a past with, someone I've known about and have tried to give her space to talk to her (friend). Trying to be open, not jealous of which I'm accused of a lot, so maybe I am, but she's mine right? Today she sits there all but starring at that ******* screen just waiting for his next reply.I can't believe what I'm experiencing, I have known that she's constantly on the computer and getting and recieveing texts and emails while being with me but never to this extent and just rude. And she just wouldn't stop,I kept waiting and wanting her to stop without me saying something and she just wouldn't. Finally I just said you go ahead and finish with him and I will just sit there and look at her and wait. So she did and then called me silly. Have I let this go to far? I love her and try to give her all I can and all she needs but at this point in our relationship I can't be there for her. I'm really afraid and I know there are others who could be but I keep on fighting the good fight because of my deep love and admiration for this woman. I have never experienced love like this for anyone and I'm afraid its making me blind to whats going on around me. When I asked her why she did it she says she doesn't know.REALLY? Is she really mine or is this a dream from someone who's never felt this before.
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i have read and reread this over the last few days. I realize that there is nothing i can say to make this better. No apology big enough for what i did. No excuse for my apalling behavior. No one should ever come between you and i. Unless it is one of our children there is no one who should be so important that we not give each other our full attention.
I am yours. And i will one day prove that, not by my words but by my actions. And i will try every day to show you just how much you mean to me. You are my world. One day closer my love.