I am in need of a true friend. Not a man to bounce my heart around. Not a sister who dumps friends who are nice to me and keeps friends who are mean to me. Not a brother who promised he'd shoot and kill me then buy a gun. Not a mother who gave him the money to buy the gun knowing he threatened to kill me many times. Not a friend who laughs at my demise.

I open my mouth to scream. I silently scream with all the force I can muster keeping my voice on mute so no sound comes out

I have closed my heart to romance. More than one man has toyed with my heartstrings. I need someone's hand to hold. I don't have the strength to travel this path by myself. A true friend who hugs me close and is willing to go to battle with me.

My heart, one day we will have peace. Til and beyond then, I am your best friend.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 8, 2013