You're Not Hurting Me

You're just annoying the **** out of me. No names. But hello! I'm 40. Did you not think I had a sex life? Do people not have crushes on EP? Don't judge me because I wrote a story about my sordid past. I'm the worst case scenario in this world.
And this woman who uncircles me and thinks I'm harassing her because I have "multiple profiles"? I thought we were friends and close. I guess not. If you want to think I'm a troll go ahead. But the truth lies elsewhere. I think I've been the trollee on this here site. I've always bashed them and gotten bashed off and on for two years. Serious things were said. And that other guy wanted to skype with me to prove I wasn't a troll. From someone who got beat up by a fake profile. Why do I put up with it?
OMG I talked about something sexual. Which I never do. I deleted it. Bad idea. But it wasn't written for titillation. I should have googled it. This is not the place to ponder my own anatomy. Don't you hate it when people turn on you? When you did nothing? I offend people without even trying! If I really tried, I would be banned. But why screw up something I enjoy?(or used to..goodbye 2009)
Don't make me the scapegoat. Take that energy and direct it at the real haters and sickos. I wanted to be a defender not an offender. People believe what they want. I can't force you to think any way in which you don't. But spare me the attacks and opinions. Y'know sometimes I do get smart with certain people. They are usually the ones with glaring/blaring egos. If there's one thing that gets on my nerves, it's blatant narcissism. I know the real deals don't have to shout and proclaim but only whisper their own name.


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yesterday I saw The Woman in Red I went *omg* its a nice movie

What is that about?

its an 1984 super classic

I'll try to find the free movie link for ya

Is that the movie they made that song "Lady in red" for...dancing with me..cheek to
But..I can't stand Gene Wilder >.

lol...he is a bit weird with his curly hair but is eh song ur talking about sang by eum....Chris DeBurgh? nooo its not related to movie

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Consentual inferiority sucks!

:::Farts and looks and blames dog:::

The kitties are pleased with you


I wish I would read my posts before I submit them. I try not to sound like an idiot believe it or not ::cringe::

I watched scarface 2 days ago, just amazing

Spike channel? :D

Dp Stream :)

What is that? Sounds dirty!!! :P

lol.....twisted mind, I luv...its a free movies stream U sound kinky ur self

I am...I'll check that out...ty

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Aah. . . I so love your mind.^^

that;s so sweet!

You're Still Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

::spins your avatar and picks a religion:::

That's Funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Preach it sistah.

I miiiiight be a bit paranoid at times, but... when people say "not naming names" and I even vaguely fit the profile, I always think they're talking about me. :-p
So: I assume it's not me? :-p


I like that..but it's not easy. You can make enemies doing good or bad! I have done both and I know that.

I dont remember the exact quote so I will have to find it but it was made by Angela the Herbalist from Christopher Paolini's Inhertitance Series. She said If you don't make any enemies throughout your lifetime then you are a coward or worse."